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Photos Courtesy of JC and Laura Cortez

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The Gangs all here!

The Cast of Characters (in no particular order)


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Danita Laura Gonzo

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Phil Tom (standin) Jc (standin)
Let the show begin...


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Our heroes riding at some (gasp!) ungodly speed The butt shot Scenery shot
JcDanitaWithBikes.jpg (65230 bytes) JcGonzoWithBikes.jpg (73076 bytes) GonzoSitting.jpg (41429 bytes)
Jc and Danita w/ their steeds Jc and Gonzo On break
LauraDanitaStanding.jpg (45268 bytes)
Strike a pose
JcFinish.jpg (53877 bytes) LauraFinish.jpg (51377 bytes) GonzoDanitaPhilFinish.jpg (56160 bytes)
Jc to the finish Laura to the finish Phil Gonzo and Danita to the finish

That's All Folks!