Other TriClubs


  • Danskin Triathlon.  A women's only triathlon held at Lake Almaden.  This is one of the best female beginners events.  It offers great support as well as numerous clinics for budding female triathletes.
  • J&A Productions.  They manage many of the local races in the Bay area, including the South Bay Triathlon, the San Jose International Triathlon, and the Catfish and Guppy Swims.
  • Ironman Canada.  The age groupers Ironman.  The Ironman is supported by 4000 Canadians for a 1700 athlete event.  This is in addition to the whole town that gets behind cheering on the athletes.  Great town! Great People!
  • TriCalifornia's Page.  Organizers of arguably some of California's best triathlons.  They put on Wildflower, the Escape From Alcatraz, and Pacific Grove Triathlons.


  • Davis Bike Club.  Home of the incredibly well supported Davis Double Century.  Don't let the name fool you as most of the ride occurs outside of Davis.  The double has approximately 7000 feet of climbing. Did we mention this is an incredibly well supported event?
  • Fremont Freewheelers Bike Club.  Our local bike club that puts on the popular Primavera Century.
  • Santa Rosa Cycling Club.  Home of the dreaded Terrible Two Double Century.  This ride has 16000 feet of climbing over very beautiful terrain.


  • Californa International Marathon.  The run starts in Folsom and snakes its way through Sacramento.  This is a fast course with a gradual 300+ ft elavation drop between the start and the finish.  This is the perfect race for those people who love water.  Last year it rained like cats and dogs.

Commercial Sites

  • Quintana Roo's Page.  In addition to their excellent tri-bikes and wetsuits,  the page has useful information on bike fit and triathlon tips.  This is also the page for the USTS Triathlons.


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